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How to make a chiton dress

How to make a chiton dress

History Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for historians and history buffs. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have been searching for instructions on how to make a proper chiton and himation, but can't find anything with a good level of detail and historical accuracy.

Could someone point me to such a source, or else provide such directions? It looks like very few pieces of clothing survived from that time. Without final proof we might resort to reconstruct these pieces of clothing from sculpture, paintings, mosaics and writings. Most sites online discuss the chiton in the context of female clothing. Just because the Greek males did wear that piece as well before but later preferred wearing just the himation without the chiton underneath.

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In general. As this is about fashion, we have to expect a huge array of styles, variations, and exceptions from any rules we may come up with. The Greek himation was apparently used as a cloak and as such similar in function and style to the Roman pallium. The material being the usual of "what's available": wool, linen, … silk etc in Roman times.

The construction overly simple, the wearing and drapery then overly complicated but still simple in comparison to the variety of codes you could read into draping a toga.

Basic patterns are really basic, like the himation being just "A rectangular cloak wrapped around the body and thrown over the left shoulder" :. Pallium A Roman cloak, corresponding to the Greek himation, of a rectangular length of material; fabrics used were wool, linen and silk. Pallia could be variously coloured white, diverse shades of red, yellowish, black with gold brocade or purple stripes.

They are known from the 3rd cent. BC and were initially worn only by friends of Greek culture, e. A pallium was worn over the tunicadraped from the left shoulder across the back and on to the right shoulder, or it was placed over the left shoulder from behind, across the back, under the right arm and finally over the left arm or the left shoulder.

The women's counterpart was the palla cf.Though the medieval european ones were my favorite, I spent a lot of time looking at the Grecian sculptures and came home with dozens of pictures of them. I chose to use satin faced chiffon for this project — not the most accurate choice, but it drapes beautifully. Since that can be quite sheer I also purchased linen, which will be used to make a simple rectangle skirt worn underneath it.

I decided to start by making the crown first. And also because my inspiration picture linked above is of Persephone, a vegetation goddess who is associated with spring, so it seemed fitting! I tried sketching my own floral design but it looked pretty rough.

So I ended up tracing the design from the capelet onto my crown pattern. Then I drew some filigree and flowers around it to nicely fill the pattern. I scanned the design into photoshop, adjusted the contrast, then mirrored the image and printed it out.

I traced the design onto interfacing, then fused it onto the back of the satin faced chiffon. I used embroidery floss to stitch through the design and transfer it to the front side of the fabric. Once both panels were done I ironed them thoroughly to remove the puckers, then sewed them together at the center front.

How to Make a Chiton Dress

Then I cut out the crown base from felt weight fusible interfacing. I ironed the satin panels onto the interfacing as best I could, then sewed the raw edges to the wrong side. Now it was time for beading! Er, that was the plan at least. I used sequins to define the vine patterns, add sparkle to the leaves, and to trim the edges of the crown.

The end result is a bit uneven, but super pretty and sparkly! I lined the crown with more satin faced chiffon. And shortly after taking these pictures I sewed pieces of ribbon to each end so it can tie around my head. Onto the next piece — which is equally sparkly — the belt! I decided to make the belt from two strips of felt weight interfacing.

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I covered the strips with satin faced chiffon, then sewed sequins around each edge. When that was done I sewed the strips together and lined the belt.

The belt closes with two metal clasps that are from Jo-anns. I found these a year or two ago and bought a bunch of sets since I liked them so much. Now for the skirt. I cut the three yards I purchased into two pieces that were each fifty four inches long. Then I sewed the selvedge edges together with a ten inch gap left open on one side.

I turned the edges of the opening inward and sewed them down. Then I turned the hem inward by three inches and stitched it down by hand with whip stitches. But after trying the skirt on I realized it was weirdly long.Although we think of Greece today as a relatively small country in the east of Europe, it was at one time the 'it' place of its day.

Manners and costume also helped create a Greek culture that gave additional structure to one of the greatest civilisations the earth has seen. Consequently Greece has influenced every other nation that has risen to power since. The ideas, philosophies and writings left behind by the Greeks and the resultant archaeological finds from old ruins have created a good source of Greek era material and especially of costume.

Pictorial evidence has enabled us to have a very clear idea of Ancient Greek dress. The fashion history of ancient Greece has been carefully illustrated on vases, pots and in statue form. One common factor of the styles of all early clothes is that they are made from uncomplicated basic shapes which rely on girdles, belts and brooches, clasp or pins to create shape and form around the human body.

Grecian clothes were little more than artfully arranged pieces of cloth, pinned and tucked into position as shown here.

Their elegance is derived from the careful arrangement of folds and complex arrangements of girdles, strapping or belts. Simple borders fall into interesting patterns when arranged as a long chiton robe.

Embroidered patterns such as checks and floral forms were used to embellish the fabric edges to create border effects.

Both men and women wore the tunic or Greek chiton and it was simply an arrangement of folded and wrapped fabric as shown above and left. Women wore a floor length dress called a Greek chiton. In early times the Doric chiton was made from fabric which was the height of the wearer, plus 12 inches.

how to make a chiton dress

The width was that of the full open arm span. The fabric was folded as shown in the chiton pattern picture shown right. A is pinned to A and B is pinned to B. The open sides are wrapped around each other and a girdle tied at the waistline with the loose fabric of C at the same level. The gap between B and the side fold will drape when in fabric and become the second armhole. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own, then here where you can hire a ready made Greek dress.

Men wore a short knee length Greek chiton mostly for everyday clothing, although there were times when they wore it long as did the Charioteer of Delphi in BC. Men frequently pinned their chiton on the left shoulder leaving a bare right shoulder.

Or, they wore it in much the same two shoulder pinned manner as the woman show right. Cloth was so valuable it was not cut in earlier eras, but in later times the chiton was constructed from two pieces of cloth.

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The earlier Greek Doric Chiton above was made of wool and simply folded around the body. In time they evolved into the Ionic chiton, which was made of linen and even silk. The Ionic chiton was made from linen or silk. The advantage of using linen to make the Ionic chiton was that it was much more flexible, the result was that it hung in fine pleats of diaphanous crepon. Delicate muslin was also used.A chiton, constructed from a rectangular piece of fabric, is a type of ancient Greek clothing worn in antiquity by both men and women.

The chiton was wrapped over and around the body and held in place by shoulder pins and a waist sash or belt. Men wore the chiton knee-length; women always wore an ankle-length chiton.

Today, the chiton is a popular and easy item to create and wear for a costume party. This no-sew method for making a chiton dress is quick and relatively simple. Fold your sheet in half lengthwise. Fold in half again. One vertical fold runs the length of your body.

The other side of the chiton is open. Place two pins or brooches at two points on the top edge of the folded sheet, creating a neck hole.

Place your third pin or brooch at the one open corner to create the second armhole. The first armhole is created by the vertical fold in the sheet. Adjust the fabric folds to cover your body at the one open side. Wrap and tie a sash, belt or rope around your waist. Pull the excess fabric up under your belt. You will need: Flat white sheet 3 safety pins or brooches Waist sash, rope or belt Step 1.

Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Slip the chiton over your head and place your arms through the arm holes. Step 5. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Counterpane Pincushion, inspired by history. Tidy Chair Back Doily.One is the Doric chiton and the later Ionic chiton.

According to Herodotus, popular legend was that Athenian women began to wear the chiton as opposed to the peplos after several women stabbed a messenger to death with the bronze pins characteristic of that garment. The Doric chiton is a single rectangle of woolen or linen fabric. It can be worn plain or with an overfold called an apoptygmawhich is more common to women.

It can be draped and fastened at the shoulder by pins Greek: peronai; [5] Latin: fibulae or sewing, or by buttons. The Ionic chiton could also be made from linen or wool and was draped without the fold and held in place from neck to wrist by several small pins or buttons.

Herodotus states the dress of the women in Athens was changed from the Doric peplos to the Ionic chiton after the widows of the men killed on military expedition to Aegina stabbed and killed the sole survivor with their peplos pins, each demanding where their husband was.

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This lynching 'seemed a thing more terrible than the disaster'. Thereafter their chitons were held with buttons, often styled with the face of the Gorgon. A large belt called a zoster could be worn over the chiton, usually under the breast "high-girdled" or around the waist "low-girdled" or a narrower " zone " or girdle could be used.

The chiton's length was greater than the height of the wearer, so excessive fabric was pulled above the belt, like a blouse. A double-girdled style also existed.

The chiton was often worn in combination with the heavier himation over it, which had the role of a cloak. When used alone without a himationthe chiton was called a monochiton. Men wore the long chiton during the Archaic period, but later wore it at knee length, except for certain occupations such as priests and charioteers, and also the elderly. A sleeved form was worn by priests and actors. The colour or pattern would often indicate status, but varied over time.

The chiton was the outfit of Aphrodite because it was considered very feminine, although men also wore it.

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Dionysus is often depicted wearing it. The chiton was also worn by the Romans after the 3rd century BCE. However, they referred to it as a tunica.

An example of the chiton can be seen, worn by the caryatidsin the porch of the Erechtheion in Athens. A charioteer's chiton can be seen on the Charioteer of Delphi BC in the image at the beginning of the article. In SpartaSpartan women's clothing was simple and short. They wore the Dorian peploswith slit skirts which bared their thighs.

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The Grecian Costume : Making a Chiton, Crown, and Girdle

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How to Make an Ancient Roman Costume

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how to make a chiton dress

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how to make a chiton dress

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